Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vision Walk 2009 at City Park

Vision Walk 2009 at City Park

It was a great day for the vision walk around City Park! It was cool day prefect for our 3 mile walk around City Park. I put together a team and we called it Patch Land Adventures, of course.
Preston and I were captains of our walk team. We were able to raise some money for our 1st Vision walk. We had friends and neighbors that joined us for the walk.
We meet up with our team mates and registered, said hi to others and started our walk. We did our 3 mile walk around the park and it was so nice to see the water it was very peaceful, and to see all the teams and guide dogs as well.
When I got back from the walk I had to help Garcia’s set up tables, they were such a great support to us as they were for my event the “Blind Taste of the Rockies”.
Preston and his friend Chase were enjoying the clown, games, cotton candy and popcorn and there was a live band on the stage.
Preston was very proud of how much money we were able to raise for the Foundation Fighting Blindness. I think it’s great to have Preston involved the way I do with this non-profit and seeing me volunteer giving back to the community.
I understand this non-profit doesn’t directly deal with Preston’s eye disease but I just had to be a part of it! I feel that it is all about low vision and some day everyone will be able to see the way most of us do we have to do our part to make a change hopefully in the near future.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Tour at Hammonds Candy Factory

Tour at Hammonds Candy Factory

Preston had a friend stay the night and we decided that we would go in the morning to the Hammonds candy factory and go on a tour. We went to another one of his friend’s house and picked him his brother and mother up and went to the Factory. It was a nice day we took a couple of pictures and went inside to get our name in for the tour.
We had to watch a short film about the factory when it started ECT. This is the second time that Preston and I have been to the factory. It was in a new location and the tour was a lot shorter. It was really neat seeing how hard it is to make the ribbon candy what a process it has to go through, and it takes 5 years to become a master candy maker, amazing! After the tour we got to pick out a free candy cane. Of course you can’t walk out without buying candy. We picked up our little baskets and started to fill our baskets. Ouch it adds up fast! We paid and got out of there. What a great time it was the boys really enjoyed it.
We decide to go get lunch than the boys could play for awhile before going home. It was a great day but I told Preston that he had to wear his patch for the rest of the day. We make compromises sometimes.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Day Trip to Millers Farm

Day Trip to Millers Farm

Preston and I went to Millers farm it was about an hour drive north, during his off track time. We always try to plan some fun outings with other class mate friends and their moms. We all arrived there about the same time, we made sure to have our sunscreen on and water bottles and snacks. We were planning to have lunch there as well. We went and paid than the boys wanted to get in the go-carts and race before going on our little adventure. We jumped into a back of a trailer to drive a bunch of us around to different parts of the farm. It was really a neat experience to go around and pick our own produce. It is hard work! Preston and the boys had a new appreciation to produce. It was really a hot day and we drank lots of water and had some snacks while going out in the different fields.
One of the moms that we were there with had a friend of hers that came along and her three children. I noticed that one of her sons had glasses on and I inquired about his vision. She had told me that he also has Amblyopia and a little bit of their journey with it. I told her about Preston and my books. What a small world! I like to hear other peoples journey with Amblyopia and the different steps that they are taking to get there Childs vision as strong as possible.
I was sitting next to this lady and her husband and their two children wonderful family. She had over heard my conversation about the kids and Amblyopia. Her son also has low vision issues so we were able to talk about it. She really has gone through so much with her son. I hope to be able to share their story with you in the near future. We exchanged contact information and looking forward to connecting with her and family. I really feel that sometimes people are brought together for a reason.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shopping at Costco

Shopping at Costco’s

A Couple of weeks ago Preston Yorkk and I went to Costcos to look at lap tops since my desk top had crashed. I had asked Preston to please put on his eye patch before we left the house. He doesn’t like to wear it out in public because sometimes kids make fun of him or will say hurtful things to him. I know it’s because kids and some adults are not use to seeing people walking around with an eye patch on, even though I am starting to see it now more often when I am out and about. I have found myself trying to educate some of those people, of the reason why he wears the patch.
Preston will usually ask me if he can take his eye patch off and after we are done shopping than he will put it back on in the vehicle. I do at times say yes to him.
He didn’t ask this time before going in to Costco’s I was really proud of him and I just acted like I didn’t notice that he had it on.
We were looking at the laptops when I noticed a young boy in a shopping cart that we had met at a friend of mines sons’ birthday party. He is adopted from I believe Cambodia and he has had several surgeries on his lip, he had a severe cliff lip that was surgically fixed to the best they could do, so when he speaks it’s a little difficult to understand him.
At the party the boys all got along great! They all played for hours and Preston did not wear his eye patch at the party so the boy was unaware that Preston wore one. The little boy said to Preston at Costco’s why you look so weird! Are you trying to be a pirate laughing at him? His parents were a little bit embarrassed and Preston just looked at him and didn’t say anything just moved closer to my leg. I explained to him why Preston had to wear it, than his father said to him that wasn’t very nice do you like it when people say to you that you sound funny and they don’t understand you? The child just looked at him and said no I don’t, father said will than don’t do it to him.
I thought that the father was very gracious to say what he did; I think it is a great lesson, and I try and express to Preston the same to be nice to others even though you do not understand their situation.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Visit to Dr. D's

The Visit to Dr. D’s

Preston was a little nervous to go to his eye doctor appointment today, because we did didn’t use the eye drops (Atropine drops). I had to assure him that it was mom’s and dad’s decision not to use them, and that the Dr. would not be disappointed with him concerning the drops.
While we were waiting for the Dr. to come in the room we took some pictures of the eye picture chart that he use to use, because when he was younger he didn’t know all his letters yet, so he would have to try and figure out what the pictures were. We wanted to send them to our illustrator; we also took some pictures of the Dr. With Preston during his eye visit to show people what the children go through during their visits.
Preston’s left eye didn’t get any better but it also didn’t get any worse. The good thing was that his eye didn’t continue to wander out! I was very happy to hear that! We did see a little bit of an increase in his good eye. I will take any good news!!
The Dr. tried to explain to Preston our goal from day one was to get his weak eye strong enough to be able to drive if anything where ever to happen to his good eye. I don’t like putting that out there! So we will continue to patch. I also still need to get those drops into his right eye! Because of Preston’s age it is getting really close to taking another look at the eye surgery. We will revisit that when we go back to see his Dr. in three months. I am very proud of Preston he has the determination to get his eye better.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

No Atropine drops yet

No Atropine drops yet

I have to confess that I have not yet put the Atropine drops in Prestons eye. I am still having a tuff time with it. I know that the Dr. says that he needs to use the drops for 6 wks to see if it makes a difference with his eye wandering out (Extropia) he use to be Estropia.
So now it would be for a different reason than when he used it before. That’s why I didn’t understand it at first when she asked me to start the drops again and knew that I was not a fan of it. Dr. D took time out of her day to explain why he needed to use the drops again. She sent me the explanation through email, as I posted on an earlier post.
Preston is going to be off track soon for 3 wks I think I will start it than that way if he is really struggling it will not affect his school work and I can just take him off the drops.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Heidi's Concerns

Heidi’s Concerns

Preston has a program that started yesterday at his school called “Let the Training begin”.
Yesterday Preston ran 2 miles I was really proud of him! He said mom can we do it again tomorrow? I know I will be able to run 3 to 4miles. I said yes we can go again, I told him I would walk the course. I can’t run it because of my knees.
Today Preston and I went and picked up a neighbor boy named Evan he is such a cutie! He is one of Preston’s best buddies even though he is 2 yrs younger they get along great!
Off they went running and I walked it like I had promised Preston! There was a young little girl that was trying really hard to run and she said she was getting tired. I had already walked a mile and said to her would you like me to hold your hand and we can finish it together? She said yes! This little girl also has Amblyopia.
Her mother joined us on our last lap and shared some concerns with me. She said that her daughter was doing better but now after some time the Dr. Felt that she needs to start patching again for about 2 hrs a day. The little girl said no! I don’t want to patch again. The Dr. said will you can also put Atropine drops in her good eye. She knew that Preston had to do that for a year and it did not show any improvement for us! The Dr. Wants Preston to use Atropine drops now for a different reason and I explained it to her about Preston’s eye wandering out now. Heidi she and her husband have a concern .They feel that by using the Atropine drops in their daughter’s good eye there could be some repercussions from the usage of the drops.
I told here that I will send her some information that my doctor gave me since I have the same concerns.
I had to tell her that it was also a huge concern to me and my husband as well. I told her that if her daughter would be willing to patch for 2 hrs a day that’s what I would!
She said you know Carmen I think that is what we will do since she is pretty good about patching!
We will start patching twice a day and see if that will make her eye stronger.
She was so glad to share her concerns with me since she knows that we are both going through the same concerns with our child.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Preston needs to have Atropine Drops again

Preston needs to have Atropine Drops again

I am so torn about Preston starting his Atropine drops. I had posted earlier that his Dr. wants him to put the drops in his right eye which is his stronger eye. I know she really thinks or is hoping that it will help his eye come back to the center.
Preston’s eye prescription was so strong that the eye wandered out! So we have been lowering his prescription to help his eye from wandering out.
Here we are trying to correct it from being to close to the inside corner and now the opposite! Instead of him being” Estropia” now he is” Extropia”.
I am always so positive and supportive about the whole process but I am human and a mother and it is so hard sometimes that you just want to break down and cry! But I know I have to do the right thing for him and she only wants him to try it for 6 weeks and see what happens!
Preston had already used the drops when he was in Kindergarten for a year. I feel that it hindered his reading and spelling because of the lack of being able to see the letters clearly. He has progressed so much that I am so afraid of all the hard work that he has accomplished will be affected! I just need to follow the Doctors order and try it! It is only for 6 weeks this time and I really do believe in his Doctor. I also have had thoughts of could there be a long term affect in his good eye? You worry about all those things and the Doctor has to assure you that it does not.
There is another concern about Preston using the Atropine drops. He loves to go dirt biking and I am so afraid of him getting hurt. Will I guess he just won’t be able to ride during that period of time!
I am very glad that Preston has continued to eye patch! It has made a difference! It has been a long Journey but I am happy to have been able to share our Journey with you!
Hopefully here soon you will be able to enjoy the Patch Land Adventure books!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our Trip to South Dakota

My Personal Journey as Preston’s mom
Part 7
Our Trip to South Dakota

I can’t believe it has been so long since I have shared any stories with you. We have been enjoying our summer time before Preston started school.
We took a road trip to South Dakota and camped for 4 days. We had such a great time!
We of course went to Mount Rushmore and Preston thought it was so cool! He was really educated with this trip. After we went to see the Presidents we headed into town. We were hungry! After we ate we walked around had Calla and I bought some great fudge and the guy’s had ice-cream.

We also went to a Cave the next day that was highly recommended by a local she said it was one of the best caves there.
We went down 380 ft. Wow was it cold they said it was about 49 degrees, so we had to wear sweat shirts while taking the tour. The tour guide told us about the cave and when it was founded what does and doesn’t grow in the cave etc. We walked a lot of foot steps, but it was worth it!
After we finished our tour we went out side and it was raining pretty heavy so we decided to go back to our camp ground and make some dinner and hopefully the weather would clear up and it did so we were able to have some smores. Preston loves them!
We were able to get some great pictures from our trip!
Yes we did make Preston Patch during our camping time and driving time. Preston did not want to go back home so we let him go swimming with Calla the next day before we left while Yorkk and I packed up our camp site and loaded everything up and of course our dogs, so he was happy!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Explanation from Preston’s Eye Doctor

Explanation from Preston’s Eye Doctor

I had asked Preston’s doctor to please explain why he needed to start the Atropine again. Yorrk was not with me during this appointment so; she took the time out of her weekend to write an email about Preston’s eye condition that way Yorrk could have a better understanding about It.
Seeing this email is a little bit hard to look at, and realize his challenges. I also look at it and say Wow we have made great progress! And will continue too!

Let me see if I can clarify the reason I suggested trying Atropine again. My thoughts are a little easier to organize in writing and then your husband can have access to the information as well.

As you know, there are essentially 3 components to Preston's eye issues:

1. Refractive error. This refers to the shape of his eyes and is treated with his glasses.

2. Amblyopia- This refers to the shut down of the pathways from the left eye to the brain. It is being treated with patching. Sometimes we also treat amblyopia with atropine drops, which blur the vision at near in the better eye, thus causing the weaker eye to be used more. The best treatment, however, is to patch the better eye, occluding it completely to force use of the weaker eye.

3. Strabismus - This refers to the misalignment of the eyes. Early on, Preston's left eye crossed in toward his nose, which is called esotropia. Usually we treat esotropia using glasses to take the burden of focusing off the eyes so they can stay straight. As a child grows, sometimes a formerly esotropic eye will start to wander outward, which is called exotropia. This usually is treated by decreasing the power in the lenses so that the child can put forth some focusing effort. When we accommodate (focus at near) we converge our eyes, or bring them together, so the goal of allowing the child to do their own focusing sometimes causes them to converge, thus bringing the wandering eye to straight. This is what we're trying to accomplish with the atropine this time. Atropine temporarily paralyzes the accommodation in the better eye, thus causing the child to have to work even harder to focus. The hope is that Preston will bring his eye inward through this increased focusing effort.

Of course, as you know, the 3 above components are all very interrelated, and one problem can cause the others to occur.

Does that help?

Hope this lengthy message helps.
Diana D.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Return to the Eye Doctor

Preston returns to the Eye Doctor

Preston has been a little anxious about this eye appointment. He asked me mom will I have to have eye surgery? Is the Doctor the boss or are you? I told Preston that our goal is not to have eye surgery that is why we have been working so hard towards patching! And if the Doctor really thinks that after all these years, that you need the surgery than that is something we will have to talk about. I assured him that since he has been eye patching his eye has gotten so much better and without patching he would have never reached this goal!
His doctor said that Preston has gotten a little bit better again! Preston was so happy to hear that! He said mom did you hear what she said? I said yes honey I am very proud of you! At that moment I could feel myself trying to swallow and not shed tears at that moment so she could finish saying what else was to come.
The Doctor says even though we have been lowering Preston’s prescription his weak eye has been turning out. She thinks if we use Atropine drops it might help his eye. I am not a big fan of these drops, we tried it for a year in Kindergarten and we did not see any difference. I was also worried about Preston being able to see the letters and just learning to read so we took him off of it. The Doctor says we will try only for six weeks and see if it makes any difference in that eye. I will put a drop of it in his left eye every other day. The Atropoine what that does is basically dilates the eye. I don’t want surgery so I am willing to try it for 6 weeks. We will have to see what kind of out come it is. Hoping for the best! I have faith in his Doctor. The Journey continues.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Rembering a very special person

I wanted to share something that I wrote about my mother years ago, and since it is mother's day I thought this would be a great time to share with you.

Rembering a very special person. A person with lot’s of love in her, who would say goodnight with a simile and awake with one that would brighten everyone’s day. She would comfort me with love, laugh and cry with me.

Day to day she grew weaker and never showed any pain, she smiled at me and said don’t be sad, it makes me sad. She suffered allot of her life and than the lord would not let her suffer anymore. She’s in Paradise where she belongs.

Even though I miss her so she’ll suffer no more! That special person is my mother.

Mom I miss you! Mom Te quero mucho!

Love your daughter,

A Comment from Maria

Carmen I lost my mom to breast cancer when I was 20. I thought I wanted to die beside her that life could not go on without her. Your words above are well written and touched my heart remembering those last moments with her. I feel her today guiding me through some of my toughest days. I need to get your info to my niece too. Her little 6 month old just got glasses. His pictures are so precious. I need to email them to you. Have the best mother's day."

A Comment from Michele

Carmen, that brought tears to my eyes! A few years back I did the 3 day - 60 mile walk for breast cancer and have done many other things for breast cancer over the years. Its amazing to know I'm doing a little bit of something for the pain they suffer."

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lisa's Story About her son Nick

Lisa’s Story About her son Nick

"Hi Carmen- My son Nick was diagnosed with Amblyopia in K (age 6) last year. His vision in the amblyopic eye was 20/600. It was so profound that patching had to be a minimum of 8 hours a day. I was so proud the first day he showed up at school wearing his patch. He was nervous. We had a wonderful K teacher who let me explain to the class why and what was happening. She then used this opportunity to have each kid cover their eyes one at a time and try reading across the room. We have slowly tapered off and are on our first 8 weeks of NO patching.. YEA! However, we have also learned that patching does nothing for binocular vision (just monocular) and have begun vision therapy. We hope this therapy will restore some depth perception and binocular vision. This therapy is controversial.. And I tell people.. Vision therapy is for amblyopia as physical therapy is for stroke victims... No guarantee BUT we must still try!I am glad Jennifer put us in touch with each other...Lisa"

Friday, April 24, 2009

Volunteer of The Quarter Award to Carmen Swick

Volunteer of the Quarter award to Carmen Swick

Drew Thank you so very much for your kind words!!! I cant express to you how it made me feel when I read this article! What an honor it is! I will not forget that. It really made me feel like I really know that all my efforts are will deserved and that it will make a difference some day! This will be a success, and I am so grateful to be part of such a wonderful team!!!
You all make a difference without all of you giving me the support and guidance as a team this would not be happening.

With Love

Dear Members & Friends of the Denver FFB Chapter,
Carmen Swick, Richard Faubion & Parka, FFB (Left), Mark McIntosh, Colorado & Company, 9News
For their great support for our VisionWalk, we honored Walmart Vision Centers and all their managers for such outstanding support of FFB and raising over $27,000 collectively for the 2008 Walk. Thank you again!
The first quarter of 2009 has been a successful one as one of our newest members has come through in a big way. For all her efforts so far in the 1st quarter, our most notable of accomplishments has been accomplished in the planning and fundraising efforts toward our chapter event, The 1st Annual Blind Taste of the Rockies. This event would not be possible without the involvement from all of our volunteers. All of our volunteers are doing a splendid job this quarter, most notably, our new Fundraising and Events Chair, Carmen Swick.
It is my pleasure to present our Volunteer of the Quarter award to Carmen Swick. Carmen has been invaluable to the Denver Chapter since she joined us at the end of 2008. Upon joining the Denver Chapter Board, Carmen immediately stepped up to lead the Blind Taste event. Carmen is not only creative and personable, but she is also motivated in ensuring the success of the Denver Chapter and the mission of FFB.
Carmen’s son, Preston, has amblyopia, which is lazy eye, and she is committed to finding treatments, preventions and cures for all blinding eye diseases. Carmen is an author of children’s books focusing on bringing awareness to low vision in children and having these books be a tool for children to make eye patching fun. You can check her plans out at www.patchlandwritings.blogspot.com.
Carmen’s prior career was mainly involved in sales and marketing for Miller Brewing and a corporate travel agency and she modeled for commercials, print work and runways. Her passion and goal is to make a difference in the world and bring happiness to children everywhere. She has found a home in FFB in their mission and has become the VP, Fundraising for the local chapter.
On behalf of the Denver Chapter, I want to thank Carmen for her involvement and hard work this quarter and she continues today! Let us keep the momentum and make 2009 a banner year to remember for the Denver Chapter.
Drew McLean

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Truck was Found

Truck was found

We received an email and phone call that our truck was located in Sterling Colorado. We were relieved and scared at the same time to find out what kind of condition it was in.
We had found out that the guy had taken the truck to Nebraska and that there was an officer that had a radar gun ready to clock him and noticed that he had a broken tail light, and that’s when the chase began, that lead him all the way to Sterling Co.
He had run the truck through a chain linked fence and hit some jet skis, and a couple of other things that I have not mentioned that he had done to the truck. The officer said that he had driven the truck for 1700 miles.

He got out of the truck when he wrecked it and jumped in to another vehicle and stole that one as well and has not been found since.
Amazing that this guy can break in to someone’s property that quickly!
The good thing is that there was someone in the passenger seat that was not in any condition to get out and run. Not sure what she was on at the time. She gave the name of the thief and now has a picture of him as well. Hopefully here soon they will capture him.

I am hoping to be able to see how much damage was done to the truck soon. They said he also had stolen a dirt bike that was in the back of the truck’s bed.
I was so excited to tell Preston the good news! I went to pick him up from school and told Preston about some of the story, he was very happy to know that his dad will be getting back his truck after the truck has all the work done to it that is needed.
Preston is looking forward to the summer and going camping with the truck.
I am sadden by what all has happened but we will get the truck back and be able to get it fixed. The best of all we are all okay!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Colorado's Spring Snow Storm

Colorado’s Spring Snow Storm

I have to say yesterday was a strange day. I was taking Preston to school in the morning and we always study his words on the way to school every Friday before his test, but it was hard to concentrate that day with the snow coming down we both were just mesmerized by the beauty of the big white snowflakes. We were able to do a couple of words and off he went running to get to class on time.
It was time to pick Preston up from school and let me tell you it was raining thundering and gloomy. By the time I arrived to Preston’s school it started snowing again and it looked like the sky’s opened up and was just dumping buckets on us. I have to say within the 15 minutes of Preston running to the vehicle the streets were already covered and it was hard to see with the wind blowing.
Preston opened the door and said gosh, mom I couldn’t even see with the snow in my face. Than he couldn’t wait to tell me that he got a 100% on his spelling words! I was very proud of him.
He was concerned that the birthday party he was invited to would be canceled and he was right it was. He was really upset; he was really looking forward to going.

Yorkk said, should we all go out to eat tonight we could go down the street.
Yorkk had just bought a F350 White diesel truck, so he was excited to drive it to Old Chicago’s. his brother Craig also came along with us.
he dropped us off at the door and went to park the truck.
We finally finished eating dinner, Yorkk went outside to pull the truck up to the restaurant, only one thing he came in and had this horrified look on his face and said that his truck had been stolen! He was needless to say very upset; he has only had the truck for 6 days. We all went outside to look around and it was still snowing pretty well. Preston started to get very upset about the whole ordeal! He was frightened that someone would steal the truck and very sad for his father. I called my daughter Calla to come please pick us up and take us home. She was also very upset about the whole thing. We had to call the police and report it. It is just a horrible feeling all the way around! You feel violated! I had to explain to Preston a few things about how horrible the circumstance was; but that the good thing is that we are all okay!
I have to say we didn’t sleep very well and it is around 3pm the next day and we have not heard anything yet about the truck. We will keep our fingers crossed.
Preston got up in the morning and wanted to know if we had the truck back I said no we will hope for a good out come. Preston started to play his WII game and I asked him to please put his patch on, so we could try and continue our day as normal as possible.

Friday, April 10, 2009

2nd Graders Musical

2nd Graders Musical

Preston’s School had their end of the year musical on Wed. My daughter and Uncle Craig and my neighbor RJ came to see Preston perform with us. Yorkk was in charge of the video recording and I took pictures with my digital camera.
These kids did such a great job! I could not believe Preston; He was singing and moving with rhythm that surprised all of us. I could not stop smiling and laughing, in a good way. I was shocked I never knew that he could move like that. I was very proud of him!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Colorado 2009 Spring Blizzard

My Personal Journey as Preston’s Mom
Part 6

Colorado 2009 Snow Blizzard

Wow did Colorado finally get some snow! We needed the moisture but we
Just didn’t want it all at once.
Preston thought it was great when he looked out of the window and got to see the snow falling and accumulating on the ground.
Preston and his little friend Evan decided that they would go over to our neighbors house and shovel their driveway and make a little bit of money.
They worked really hard for about 2 hours and would not stop until he thought that they had done a great job.
I finally go them both to come in and get the wet clothes off of them. They had cold red cheeks and hands. I made them some hot Coco with milk and marsh mellows. They were able to warm up after that and relax for awhile until dinner time. They were excited for dinner because I made comfort food, homemade chicken and noodles and mashed potato.

Preston woke up the next day and asked me if he could build an igloo in the back yard. I told him of course but he would have to patch while building it.
He did such a great job! I was very proud of him. I took several pictures of him with the dogs. One that I took of him was with our little dog Dunhill in the igloo. The other picture is of Beau and him eye patching! I love it! Beau is such a good sport!
Preston was just beaming after I told him what a great job he did making the igloo while patching. I told him that I know it was a little difficult for him to patch while making the igloo, but that just proves the he can do anything!
Preston You Rock!

I posted a couple of those pictures on my blog.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Colorado and Company Show

Colorado And Company Show

I am so excited to share with you that Richard and I the Director of Foundation Fighting Blindness and his guide dog Parka where on the Colorado and Company show yesterday, Thursday March 19th. It was a great experience!
Mark the co-host and Tawnya really made the whole experience wonderful.
I was really nervous going to the studio of channel 9.
Richard and I arrived at the time that they had requested we went in and signed in. Patty one of the producers of the show came to greet us and explain the process she also was very nice
We went in to the studio and were able to greet Mark and Tawnya before the show and that it made it better for us. We also meet some other really great people that were also there to go on a segment. We watched as the show was being taped live.

It was our turn to go on!! I was not as nervous by the time we went on. I was glad we were able watch before going on. The hosts are fabulous!
Richard and I were able to share some facts about low vision, and some information on the Events coming up.
I also was able to mention about Preston’s eye disease and that I have written 3 children’s books and I am in the process of trying to get them published.
I love the non-profit that I volunteer for.
I also want to continue to bring awareness to Amblyopia. That is how our journey started.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Break

Spring Break!

It is that time of the year; Preston is on spring break for 3 weeks. I told him that he would have to patch as much as possible while on spring break and take advantage of this time.
Unfortunately with school and activities we have not been patching as we should. I as his mother need to be on him about it. I am human and sometimes I do get upset with myself and say, how could have I forgotten to tell Preston to Patch. It makes me sad and I take on the responsibility of his eye getting better.
I have learned to say to myself its ok he will be just fine. Just have him put the patch on and see if you can have him extend the patching time.
Preston went to his physical yesterday and he had a great check up! He grew 6 inches in 2 years! Wow it looks like he is going to be tall. They did the hearing test and passed, and of course I had to say to him, Preston I Know you can hear me you passed the test. So when I tell you to clean your room you don’t have any excuses. I am sure he will find another excuse.
Preston is setting across from me in the office and he is trying to figure out what to write about in his journal. His Teacher Ms. Dey made him a journal and some topics that he could write about. He needs to practice. I just asked him what subject you would like to write about. He looked at me and said you know, and put his hand over his weak eye and than took off his glasses. So I asked him what is it to not have to patch your eye again. And he said no for my eye to get better. I said oh Preston it will get better soon each day you patch there will be a difference, keep it up! I know you’re tired of it, but it will be worth it. I just gave him a dollar for patching that his Mimi sent him.
Preston just decided that he wanted to write about aliens. He is now making his illustrations. It should be interesting. I love to listen to a Childs imagination. You can escape with them at times.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

If Amblyopia Goes Untreated

If Amblyopia goes Untreated

I feel like I need to add a little bit more valuable information on Ambyopia.

What happens if amblyopia goes untreated?
If not treated early enough, an amblyopic eye may never develop good vision and may even become functionally blind.

How many people have amblyopia?
It is estimated that two to three percent of the general population suffers from this form of visual impairment.

What treatments are available?
Before treating amblyopia, it may be necessary to first treat the underlying cause.
Glasses are commonly prescribed to improve focusing or misalignment of the eyes.

Surgery may be performed on the eye muscles to straighten the eyes if non-surgical means are unsuccessful. Surgery can help in the treatment of amblyopia by allowing the eyes to work together better.

Eye exercises may be recommended either before or after surgery to correct faulty visual habits associated with strabismus and to teach comfortable use of the eyes.

I have to say it has been a long journey with the treatment of Amblyopia with Preston. It has been four years now. But we know the alternative and that is not an option.

I know all you mothers and fathers, grandparents, anyone that is a major player on trying to help treat your Childs eye out there feel the same way.
I know this because if you did not feel the same way you would not be following my blog.
Good for you keep up the great work!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Facts about Amblyopia

Facts about Amblyopia

There have been some people asking me about Amblyopia so I thought I would share some facts about it.

Amblyopia is responsible for more loss of vision in people age 45 and younger than all other eye diseases and trauma combined. That is shocking.

A condition in which a person's vision does not develop properly in early childhood because the eye and the brain are not working together correctly. Amblyopia, which usually affects only one eye, is also known as "lazy eye." A person with amblyopia experiences blurred vision in the affected eye. However, children often do not complain of blurred vision in the amblyopic eye because this seems normal to them. Early treatment is advisable, because if left untreated, this condition may lead to permanent vision problems. Treatment options include vision therapy exercises or and prescription eyeglasses. People with amblyopia may need to wear an eye patch over their stronger eye in order to force the affected eye to function as it should.
We need to educate and bring awareness to this eye disease.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Party

Valentines Party

Preston and the kids had a great time. They loved the card projects and treats and of course the cookies with frosting and sprinkles. We gave them the cookies after the card project right before going home.
I had to take Preston to get is frames fixed on one of his pair of glasses and adjust the other pair because it was loose on him.
His little friend Evan accidentally hit Preston with his knee and hit him on the corner of his eye ouch. We had to put a little bit of ice on his eye. This happened super bowl Sunday.
As for his last basketball game they won! And Preston scored 2 baskets. Nice way to finish off the season.

Yorkk came home with some roses since it’s for Valentines. They are very nice.
We got up this morning and Yorkk took us to breakfast. We gave Preston a box of chocolate candies and the movie Space buddies with the golden retriever puppies. He was very excited. I am fighting a migraine today. I took something for it but it makes me groggy. When we got home Preston put his eye patch on for a couple of hours. I wanted him to wear it longer but he was saying it makes me dizzy right now.
My sister in-law is coming over with my niece for Valentines dinner. We are having steak and crab. Preston used to eat crab but now he would prefer not to. So I have to get together and start cooking.
Preston’s friend Evan and his family might be coming over later to play games. We should have a nice time.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Preston is Excited for Valentines Party

Preston Is Excited for Valentines Party!

Preston wrote out all his Valentines yesterday after school. He checked off each Childs name is his class so he would not forget one. Of course he also made one out for his close little buddy Evan and his little adorable little sister Eva. Preston and Evan spend allot of time together, they just live down the street from us. Preston wrote one out for another neighbor Keith, is older but just wonderful with the kids.

I just finished making heart shaped sugar cookies to take to Preston’s class. I am a little tired from last night. I was hoping they would turn out okay and they did. I went to a friend’s book signing for some support and than went to my non-profits reception that was fabulous.
The children are going to put frosting and sprinkles on the cookies.
Than we are also going to make Valentine cards for someone special in their life mom and dad sister who ever they feel like making the card for. I thought as a room mom it would be very cute to do.
I also asked his teacher Ms. Dey to take pictures of each child so we could put it on the front of the card with a heart lace dollies. Of course she went ahead and took care of it.
I am so excited to go to his party. I will let you know later how it all went.
Preston has his last basketball game of the season. Hopefully his friend Evan and his family will be able to come and watch him play. Calla Preston’s sister will also be there. Calla has been very supportive to Preston with his activities.

I will write later after his last game and let you know how they boy’s all did.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Preston Went Dirt Biking

Preston Went Dirt biking

Preston came home and said he had a great time and you could tell that his confidence level went up. But for his father he did not have such luck. He wiped out. He said he was on a jump and it was windy and we all know the rest of that story. He put the bikes away eat dinner and than decided he better go to the ER. He had an x-ray and cat scan done. They told Yorkk that he bruised his lungs and some organs. He came home with something to blow into so that he would not get ammonia; he also went and picked up some pain pills. He was in pain all night and the next day.
Preston hung out and patched and played some wii games while his dad lay on the couch. I gave him the lecture of course on how dangerous of sport dirt biking is. He has heard that a million times. I try really hard to not think about it to much. Preston really enjoys it, and he is really good at it.

I am so excited today! I mailed out my query letter and manuscript this afternoon to a children’s traditional publisher. I have been working on it for over a year. I just have such a wonderful feeling seeing the finish product ready for print.
I told Preston about it after school and he was really excited. He wants to see the book out in the stores. I had to explain to him that it could be a very long process. Sending it out to several publishers and be denied. It could be three months before you could find out. They have all the control. But I know the reasons of writing this book and I am going to keep going. I have faith that the books will be out in print.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Preston's Spelling Test

My Personal Journey as Preston’s mom
Part 5

Preston had a good week and he was very happy because he did great on his spelling test. He could not wait to tell me about it after school.
The words this week were fairly hard, I think it‘s been the toughest so far this year. He is even happier that it was Friday! That means no school for the weekend, and also Basketball night.
My daughter Calla came over for dinner and she went with us to see her little brother play basketball. He had another great game. We just could not say the same thing for the referee that night. She just did not show up! We didn’t want to say too much but it was to the point that the guy in charge of the Aurora Recreation and parks had to stop the game and talk to the coach’s and the referee.
Preston had some little boy wrapped around him when he had the ball and that happened several of times.
Calla and another boy’s mom and I said come on now, so they had to do something at that point. At this age they have to really learn what the rules of the game and they play man to man, sort of speak, the boy’s all wear color coated wrist bands and that’s how they know who to cover. We were glad when the game was over. The good thing is the boy’s really didn’t know what was going on. They still had fun!

Preston and Yorkk went dirt biking this morning since it was a pretty nice day outside. Preston really had no rode his bike much since he had the last accident so this is good for him. He will start to build up his confidence again. I just worry about it every time he goes out there. But that is one of the things that he and his father really enjoy doing together. So I try not to say too much.
Preston made sure to patch this morning before he went. It is easy to get him to Patch when he has something he really wants to go and do. I guess it is a little bit of bribery, but as I tell him he needs to patch anyway. So it works out in the end. Let’s hope when I write in the morning that everything went just fine for the boys out with their dirt bikes.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Preston's Basketball Game

Preston’s Basketball Game

Preston had a great game and a good time this Friday evening. The team that they just played on Friday was the 1st team they played at the beginning of the season. The other team stomped on us the 1st time we played them but not the 2nd time around, their team only won by one point. The great thing is that his Uncle Craig drove down from the mountains to see his game. Aunt Lynda and Aspen also came to see Preston play. Preston scored the 1st basket of the game. He was very happy about that.

After the game the coach and a few other parents and children went to my daughter’s place of employment to get something to eat. The kids all played pool and had a great time. The Parents got to unwind and have a drink. We were there for a couple of hours and my daughter Calla waited on us of course and did a great job!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blind Taste of the Rockies @ Auction

Blind Taste of the Rockies @ Auction

I’m excited to say that I am the Events Chair for the Denver Chapter. A note From the President of the Denver Chapter.

Denver Chapter,

I am excited that we have finalized a date and venue for the Blind Taste of Rockies & Auction event to be held on Thursday, June 4, 2009 at Haggan Aviation, Centennial Airport, Centennial, CO. Our goal is to raise over $10,000 on the event.

Highlights of the Blind Taste of the Rockies & Auction:
· One of Haggan Aviation corporate jet hangers will be converted to a jetset wine, beer, liquor tasting & auction site. There will be tables of appetizers, beverages, cheese, prizes and more!
· Attendees will sample wines and beers and try to discover what type they are and the winners will win special prizes!
· There will be a LIVE and silent auction of many items from around the state of Colorado.
· Time: 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm
It is also a pleasure to announce that Carmen Swick will be our Blind Taste of Rockies Event Chair. Carmen has shown solid efforts already by obtaining the venue, collecting several prize donations, and recruiting new members to the Prize Committee. Carmen has the creative direction and drive that an event like this requires. Thank you Carmen! The committee and board will support you in making this a fun and successful event.

As you know Prize Committee is still open for anyone (not just the board) to join. Please contact Carmen (carmens222@comcast.net) or myself if you or anyone you know would like to help collect donations or spreading the word about the event.

Thank you,


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thank you to Ms. Cline

Thank you to Ms. Cline

I wanted to say thank you to Ms. Cline she has been giving Preston extra help with his reading. He did not like going at the beginning. I think for several reasons, we really had to work hard through those times.
This year he has not complained. He will come home and talk about his day of reading with Ms. Cline.
Preston has to adjust every time he gets a new prescription and he is doing well with it. At night he and I read before he goes to bed and I notice that it is very important for the lighting to be good when he reads.
I like to go to the library and pick out new books so he gets excited and wanders what the stories are about. I also get excited and tell him I can’t wait to hear what this story is about. I think it is also important that he to picks some of them out as well. We also support his school and buy some of the scholastic books.
I think reading is important on such different levels. I love that fact that Preston tries so hard and is showing improvement and he is excited to read. I like it because we get the bonding time in the evening before he goes to bed. I will also try and read some before I go to sleep. It let’s you escape and forget about worries before going to sleep.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Working on NonProfit

Non Profit

I have been really consumed with the Foundation Fighting Blindness. I have not been writing in my journal or my blog.
I am very excited for what we are getting ready to do in June. We are putting on “Bind Taste of the Rockies @ Auction”. We are going to be using my brothers hanger for our venue it is called Haggan Aviation.
It was really a nice thing for my brother to offer it and along with some other things.
I picked up Richard the Director of the Chapter and his see and eye dog Parka, she is so cute! And also Drew the president of the Denver chapter. They met my brother and were excited to have it at the hanger. We are now working on the letters for donations, and of course everything else that comes with putting on this event. We are very excited I think it will be a great turn out and hopefully raise a lot of money for the research. They want to find a cure and I want to help them with that. I have to mention that I am now the Events Chair for Denver Chapter. I was a little hesitant to take the responsibility but Richard and Drew both said Carmen you are already doing the work.
I know if I need their help they will both be willing to help me. They are both such wonderful guys to work with and great energy. I like to bring some humor along with me and they like it too.
Preston is very excited to help me volunteer the day of the event along with my daughter Calla, and hopefully Yorkk, if he will be in town that day.

Preston seems to be adjusting to his glasses fairly well even while patching his eye. His teacher Ms. Dey said that Preston is shown some really good progress on his reading. I was so happy to hear that news! And so was Preston. You could see his confidence level go up as we were walking to our vehicle after school.
Preston had his basket ball game that evening. His team won and Preston played very well. I felt so bad for him at one point the ball hit him in the face, and his glasses. It broke my heart when he looked at me.

I want to get him sport goggles but his prescription has been changing every 3 to 4 months having to buy 2 pair of new glasses each time.
The goggles run about $150.00 and we really do want to buy it for him because it will help protect his eyes from injury. I just wanted to wait to see if his prescription stayed the same for awhile.
I can hear him singing in the family room right now with his guitar hero. I better go join the band with Yorkk and Preston.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Preston's New Glasses

Preston’s New Glasses

I am happy to announce that Preston looks like he is adjusting well to his new glasses. That is such a relief! Now let’s see if he does ok with his reading in school. He does get a little extra help with reading at school, so I will know soon enough.
I am noticing that his eye right now is not wandering outward as much.

I wanted to post a letter that I had received from Angie. She also explains that she too has been going through some tuff times and shares her thoughts, and looking forward to seeing my books in print.

I have been following yours and Preston's story since it began. You guys have always held a special place in my heart since we were neighbors many years ago and Preston and Paige were just newborn babies! It's sort of interesting to me that both our kids ended up with Amblyopia! I didn't even realize you were writing books for children until I read it in your blog, and I have to say, I am so excited to get my hands on a copy!! Paige continues to "patch" every day for 4 hours and for 6 hours on the weekends. We are being as aggressive as we can so hopefully we can cure her amblyopia and send her into adolescence without glasses. I especially want to read your books to her because just in recent months she has become more self conscious of herself. She recently told me that she didn't like the way she looks in her glasses, and she never wants to wear her eye patch out in public. I am so proud of you for taking the inactive to write these books. I know they will benefit kids like your Preston and my Paige and so many other kids out there that suffer from this diagnosis. I also know that it will bring the much needed awareness to the diagnosis! Please let me know when I can get my hands on a copy of your book! And in the mean time, we should get together and let Paige and Preston be real life Patch Buddies!
Love ya lots, Angie

Monday, January 19, 2009

Preston's New Glasses

Preston Get’s New Glasses

Today was a beautiful Colorado sunny day. You could not beat the temperature for January in the 50’s.

Preston had to take his basketball pictures today. He was really excited to take them. I in other hand dread going, because it is always so crowded to many people at the same time and I can’t wait to get out. After we were done we needed to go get Preston his new glasses with new prescription.
Like I said earlier we go so often that when we walk in the door they say hi Preston ready to get some new glasses.
We really do like the manager she is always so pleasant and makes us feel at ease.
Yorkk decided to get insurance on both pair of his glass, since we have been going in every 4 months having to get new lenses.
Preston tried them on and when he did he did not like it. He said everyone’s heads look smaller. Will they probably do? The doctor had to lower his prescription because his left eye started to wander out. She also lowered it on his previous appointment for the same reason. Since his eye still continued to go out ward he was sporting a couple of new pair of glasses.

The manager got Prestons glasses to fit him and he wore one pair home. When he got home he took of the glasses and asked for his old pair. Poor guy he has to really work hard now to get his eyes to focus. I had a little talk with him and so did Yorkk. We explained to him that it would take some time for his eyes to get adjusted and for his eyes to focus and work together.
I will see how he does with them on Sunday. He might have to wear them for a couple of hours and give his eyes a break and put them back on again. If I see Preston really struggling I will call his Doctor and let her know what is going on. Maybe she can change it to a little bit stronger. I just don’t want to see him struggling to read. He already asked me that question.
Mom what if I can’t see the letters when I try to read. I told him not to worry about it; we would both work at it and make sure that you will be able to see the letters.
Preston knows that if there is an issue I will make sure we take care of it together and not to worry. We will know soon enough.
I do have to say Preston looks very cute in his new glasses.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Beau Goes Back To The Vet Plus a note from Nili

Beau gets his stitches out

Beau had surgery about 10 days ago to have a skin tag removed from his chest that filled up with blood. We had a biopsy on it, when we got the results back it was not cancerous. That was great news to hear!
I took Beau back to the vet’s office yesterday to have his stitches removed and it all looked good.
Beau has to wear a t-shirt so he doesn’t lick the area, it is so funny to see, because he looks like a football player and of course he is still walking around with his droopy eye. Poor guy he has had a tuff time. To top it off he started to get sick from the antibiotics and lost three pounds. I made him some boiled chicken and rice now he is doing much better. He is a real trooper.
It also made Preston happy because that’s his buddy! He sleeps in his room, but on his own bed.
Preston had a basket ball game last night and his team won. I have to say Preston had a great game he scored 3 baskets. Those boys just have such a great time. It also helps that they have a wonderful coach.

I wanted to add something to my blog today form an email I received yesterday evening. It really touched my heart! This really confirms to me that what I am doing is the right thing and to never to doubt myself. I will write her back sometime today. I have some questions I would like to ask her and I will post our conversation on my blog.
There is a Doctor on my blog she had written about the guide lines and etc. her name is Dr Liz T. you should reference back to her comment and read it. I know one of the things that Nili is talking about the pediatricians not picking up on that. I had the same issue. They are not trained to see that. I wish they were. I will write back later on Nili’s letter. Here it is.

Hi Carmen,

I’ve been meaning to write to you for some time. We found out that Collin can’t see out of his right eye. This summer he talked about his bad eye but Chris and I just thought he was being silly. He is my little joker of the family. He is always doing things to make us laugh only this time he was serious. We felt terrible when he went to Kindergarten and failed the eye test. We knew Collin wasn’t joking and sent him to a pediatric eye specialist. My sister in law has a step son that goes to the same place so she filled me in on how it works.

Collin’s has a stigmatism and what they call lazy eye. His vision is 20/80 in that eye. Why didn’t my pediatrician find this out earlier. We went to the check ups every year and they didn’t detect it. When our Dr did find out she was apologetic. Now she is doing the eye exam part of the check up herself instead of the nurse. Her son has the same diagnosis as Collin so she had been extremely helpful. He is a grown man now and his transformation was successful.

Well, its been 2 months since he’s been wearing his glasses and now he has to patch his eye for 4 hours a day. In the beginning he was frustrated with the patch so we tried the cloth one and then the sticky one. I felt like this shouldn’t be so hard for him. The next day was way worse. Now he was having headaches and crying. Thank god he didn’t have to do this at school or he would be having melt downs. We have started an incentive for wearing it but I know that he hates it. He tries to cheat and I feel bad for him. I know he has to wear it to get his brain to use that eye. What a struggle.

There was only one book about patching at the library and I was very disappointed. It is so nice to know that you are writing these books!
These kids need them and really so do we as parents!

Life is a bunch of lessons to learn. Collin and I will be learning them together. I will be strong for him.

Lots of Love,

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Writing My Query Letter

Query/Cover Letter

I have been working really hard on trying to write a query letter. I have been going to several web sites and some are different the than the others. I need to write the best one I possibly can. It is my sales pitch, if they don’t like it; most of them won’t even read your manuscript. I have worked to hard to give up. I feel I have a pretty strong one now. I will also work on one more and will send it to my editor and she will give me her thoughts. I just think it is so important for me to get these books published.
As all of you alreadyl know now about Preston.
My son Preston has Amblyopia in is left eye.
I have written these books to hopefully be able to help my son and many other children. By bringing awareness to prevent blindness.This is a quest and a journey that I am hoping will be a start of something incredible and a positive outcome.One of my goals is to be able to help raise money for children that there families can not afford to have eye exams glasses etc. What a shame that they can not see the world as most of us do, when there are things we can do.
There just isn't enough awareness out there. I want to be able to raise it.
The book's that I have written will let the children connect and relate to them.These books can be used as a tool to help them cope while wearing the eye patch. And take them to a fun place while patching and encourage them to patch. Make eye patching a fun thing not a burden.
Talking about Preston I better go get him school.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thank you

My Personal Journey as Preston's mother part 4

I would like to start this off today by saying Thank you! To everyone that has been supporting
me through this journey. I t has made it easier for me to continue. I love Reading your kind words, and you believing in me.
It has touched me deeply in my soul!
We will make a difference!
I have posted some of the comments and endorsements from different people. You have taking your time out of your day to share your thoughts and that means so much to me.
Thank you all for following me on my blog. I will continue to write.

I will be so happy and proud when the day comes and the books get published. Than the children and parents will be able to enjoy a wonderful life challenging and love, problem solving and adventurous books.
We will make awareness to Amblyopia and to low vision. Hopefully than parents and or guardians will look at the vision guide lines and take their children in to be screened with the time guide lines.

I wanted to add another comment that came from Tiffany

Hi Carmen! I'm glad to hear Preston had a positive eye exam. It takes baby steps but his eye sight will slowly improve if he keeps up with patching.By the way, Chase had asked if you were going to come back to the classroom and read to them some more about Preston. I told him I would ask if you had a new story to read to them.Keep up with the blogging so I can keep up with your life!Tiff

Tiffany thank you for your note.
I have started on a couple of new stories but of course right now I am working diligently on getting my last steps done so I can send off my manuscripts to a Tradional Publisher.
I also have been working on something else very positive that could really help me bring awareness and also talk about my books. As soon as I get more information I will be sharing it with everyone hopefully soon!
I now need to go help Preston with his homework, he also has basketball practice. Preston is patching right now before he goes to practice.
Thanks again!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Make it a great day!

Hello Carmen,

Hey wanted to send you a note letting you know I am following your blog however for some reason unknown to me I am unable to sign up as a follower. The good news however I do have it saved to my favorites and check it weekly for updates.

Keep up the great work!

Patty "Trish" SchaeferMake it a great day!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Comment From Shae


What you are doing...WOW! I am so very impressed with what you are doing for Preston and I feel very strongly that you will be helping others. With either understanding of this affliction or helping someone cope.

Keep up the good work.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Holidays

The Holidays are over

I love that time of the season it is my favorite, but it is also allot of work at the same time. There is one thing I always look forward to doing every year is to drive every one crazy with all my holiday music.

Preston is all year round school so he was off for almost 6 weeks so I had my hands full. My mother in-law Mimi, in town she drove with her dog Riley from Indiana she wanted to make sure she made it in town in time for Preston’s basketball game and she did. That was the first time ever able to see him playing in any sports. I was so happy to see that Preston had a wonderful game! Mimi was so proud to see her grandson and do so well.

My brother in-law Craig and his black lab Scarlet drove down from the mountains a few days after Mimi being in town.
I did not have any of my family unfortunately come over for the dinner it just did not work out this year. I was a little bit sad about it but we still had a great time.

Mimi and I shopped I think everyday! The guys were also busy doing there own thing. Through all this hustle and bustle we had to make sure that Preston was still eye patching.
We would play uno and make him wear his patch while playing because he wanted to play so bad it was easy to get him to patch.
He also patches when he plays play station or watches TV. When he got guitar hero for Christmas he also would patch. We tried to associate eye patching with something fun and positive. Of course he didn’t always want to patch when doing certain things and would make up excuses why he didn’t want to patch at the time.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Preston's Big Day!


I am a little late writing about his birthday. Like I said earlier I am going to be playing catch up. His birthday was Dec 4th.
I want to thank you so much for coming back and reading my blog writings.

Preston had about 12 little boys come to his party. I decided to have it at our home in the basement.
My sister in-law Lynda and my daughter Calla helped me with the party. Thank goodness they were there!
These boy’s have a allot of energy and that’s just fine with me just as long as we keep them all busy and that they had a good time.

We had Bakugan party and tournament, which is very popular now with the young boys. They had crafts to make and they played air hockey. We had of course 2 different types of cakes that they could pick from. They also had hotdogs and chips. The party lasted for 3 hours I think next time we will have it for only 2 hours. Preston opened his presents and took pictures with all his friends. Each child got a goodie bag and then they went home.
Lynda helped me clean up; boy was it nice that she was there to help me. I was for thankful for her and my daughter.
Preston was really good about patching after his party while he played with all his new toys.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Preston's Eye exam


Preston was a little nervous to go today since he just turned 8 years old. By the age of eight the Doctor really wanted to see a difference in Preston. Unfortunately he is the same as our last visit. But the previous visit he did get a little bit better. By patching he has showing a difference from the beginning so that is encouraging. The doctor wants to give him to the age of 9 years old. She wanted to get Preston on his weak eye to a 2050 with correction in case anything would ever happen to his good eye that he would be able to drive, but we will not put that out there he will be just fine. Preston does now read a few letters with his glasses on, on the 2050 line, so for right now we will keep on patching and see what happens in the future. This is why I want to get my Patch Land books out in print to help other children.

The good thing is he didn’t get any worse. She did say that she had to give him a less of a prescription for his new lenses. Prestons left eye has been starting to wander out, because lenses are so strong. The doctor changed it last visit and now she feels she needs to lessen it again. I hope that it doesn’t make a huge difference to him. Doctor D. said that it will force him to use both eyes to focus and he will continue to keep patching! The little guy also has to deal with his stigmatism. I tell you though he walked out with a smile.
That’s my boy!
Preston and I have been going to the same place for his new lenses and frames now for about the last 2 years or so. We work with a lady named Tammy she is fabulous!! She’s the manager. I tell you that if it wasn’t for her making it as pleasant experience as possible I would just be a mess, she also explains every detail to us and what would be the best deal for us. I just want her to know that Preston and I thank her so much!
There is also a guy named Brandon and he is the manager for the lab part and he is great!! He always remembers Preston and comes out and talks to him. It is nice to know that there are people that are still out there that sincerely care about costumer service!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!!! 2009

Playing Catch up with my Blog Writings.

I just wanted to say that I feel like I am repeating what I had said earlier. I have not written in a couple of weeks and I have so much to a say.
I have had my husband’s family in town for a couple of weeks for the holidays.
I am now starting to get to a point that I feel I will be able to set down and write about what has been happening and believe me there has been a lot going on.

I will write in the next couple of days and try to catch up as much as possible.
I do want to mention that Preston has an eye appointment on Monday the 5th, and I will be able to share with you what his doctor has to say. I am keeping my fingers crossed for some good news.

Let's all hope for a wonderful 2009!!!

Our dog Beau

Our dog Beau
Preston's eye patch buddy

Preston and his eye Doctor

Preston and his eye Doctor
Eye Exam

Preston and Beau Eye Patching

Preston and Beau Eye Patching
Eye Patch Buddies