Friday, February 13, 2009

Preston is Excited for Valentines Party

Preston Is Excited for Valentines Party!

Preston wrote out all his Valentines yesterday after school. He checked off each Childs name is his class so he would not forget one. Of course he also made one out for his close little buddy Evan and his little adorable little sister Eva. Preston and Evan spend allot of time together, they just live down the street from us. Preston wrote one out for another neighbor Keith, is older but just wonderful with the kids.

I just finished making heart shaped sugar cookies to take to Preston’s class. I am a little tired from last night. I was hoping they would turn out okay and they did. I went to a friend’s book signing for some support and than went to my non-profits reception that was fabulous.
The children are going to put frosting and sprinkles on the cookies.
Than we are also going to make Valentine cards for someone special in their life mom and dad sister who ever they feel like making the card for. I thought as a room mom it would be very cute to do.
I also asked his teacher Ms. Dey to take pictures of each child so we could put it on the front of the card with a heart lace dollies. Of course she went ahead and took care of it.
I am so excited to go to his party. I will let you know later how it all went.
Preston has his last basketball game of the season. Hopefully his friend Evan and his family will be able to come and watch him play. Calla Preston’s sister will also be there. Calla has been very supportive to Preston with his activities.

I will write later after his last game and let you know how they boy’s all did.

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