Saturday, April 18, 2009

Colorado's Spring Snow Storm

Colorado’s Spring Snow Storm

I have to say yesterday was a strange day. I was taking Preston to school in the morning and we always study his words on the way to school every Friday before his test, but it was hard to concentrate that day with the snow coming down we both were just mesmerized by the beauty of the big white snowflakes. We were able to do a couple of words and off he went running to get to class on time.
It was time to pick Preston up from school and let me tell you it was raining thundering and gloomy. By the time I arrived to Preston’s school it started snowing again and it looked like the sky’s opened up and was just dumping buckets on us. I have to say within the 15 minutes of Preston running to the vehicle the streets were already covered and it was hard to see with the wind blowing.
Preston opened the door and said gosh, mom I couldn’t even see with the snow in my face. Than he couldn’t wait to tell me that he got a 100% on his spelling words! I was very proud of him.
He was concerned that the birthday party he was invited to would be canceled and he was right it was. He was really upset; he was really looking forward to going.

Yorkk said, should we all go out to eat tonight we could go down the street.
Yorkk had just bought a F350 White diesel truck, so he was excited to drive it to Old Chicago’s. his brother Craig also came along with us.
he dropped us off at the door and went to park the truck.
We finally finished eating dinner, Yorkk went outside to pull the truck up to the restaurant, only one thing he came in and had this horrified look on his face and said that his truck had been stolen! He was needless to say very upset; he has only had the truck for 6 days. We all went outside to look around and it was still snowing pretty well. Preston started to get very upset about the whole ordeal! He was frightened that someone would steal the truck and very sad for his father. I called my daughter Calla to come please pick us up and take us home. She was also very upset about the whole thing. We had to call the police and report it. It is just a horrible feeling all the way around! You feel violated! I had to explain to Preston a few things about how horrible the circumstance was; but that the good thing is that we are all okay!
I have to say we didn’t sleep very well and it is around 3pm the next day and we have not heard anything yet about the truck. We will keep our fingers crossed.
Preston got up in the morning and wanted to know if we had the truck back I said no we will hope for a good out come. Preston started to play his WII game and I asked him to please put his patch on, so we could try and continue our day as normal as possible.

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