Saturday, January 17, 2009

Beau Goes Back To The Vet Plus a note from Nili

Beau gets his stitches out

Beau had surgery about 10 days ago to have a skin tag removed from his chest that filled up with blood. We had a biopsy on it, when we got the results back it was not cancerous. That was great news to hear!
I took Beau back to the vet’s office yesterday to have his stitches removed and it all looked good.
Beau has to wear a t-shirt so he doesn’t lick the area, it is so funny to see, because he looks like a football player and of course he is still walking around with his droopy eye. Poor guy he has had a tuff time. To top it off he started to get sick from the antibiotics and lost three pounds. I made him some boiled chicken and rice now he is doing much better. He is a real trooper.
It also made Preston happy because that’s his buddy! He sleeps in his room, but on his own bed.
Preston had a basket ball game last night and his team won. I have to say Preston had a great game he scored 3 baskets. Those boys just have such a great time. It also helps that they have a wonderful coach.

I wanted to add something to my blog today form an email I received yesterday evening. It really touched my heart! This really confirms to me that what I am doing is the right thing and to never to doubt myself. I will write her back sometime today. I have some questions I would like to ask her and I will post our conversation on my blog.
There is a Doctor on my blog she had written about the guide lines and etc. her name is Dr Liz T. you should reference back to her comment and read it. I know one of the things that Nili is talking about the pediatricians not picking up on that. I had the same issue. They are not trained to see that. I wish they were. I will write back later on Nili’s letter. Here it is.

Hi Carmen,

I’ve been meaning to write to you for some time. We found out that Collin can’t see out of his right eye. This summer he talked about his bad eye but Chris and I just thought he was being silly. He is my little joker of the family. He is always doing things to make us laugh only this time he was serious. We felt terrible when he went to Kindergarten and failed the eye test. We knew Collin wasn’t joking and sent him to a pediatric eye specialist. My sister in law has a step son that goes to the same place so she filled me in on how it works.

Collin’s has a stigmatism and what they call lazy eye. His vision is 20/80 in that eye. Why didn’t my pediatrician find this out earlier. We went to the check ups every year and they didn’t detect it. When our Dr did find out she was apologetic. Now she is doing the eye exam part of the check up herself instead of the nurse. Her son has the same diagnosis as Collin so she had been extremely helpful. He is a grown man now and his transformation was successful.

Well, its been 2 months since he’s been wearing his glasses and now he has to patch his eye for 4 hours a day. In the beginning he was frustrated with the patch so we tried the cloth one and then the sticky one. I felt like this shouldn’t be so hard for him. The next day was way worse. Now he was having headaches and crying. Thank god he didn’t have to do this at school or he would be having melt downs. We have started an incentive for wearing it but I know that he hates it. He tries to cheat and I feel bad for him. I know he has to wear it to get his brain to use that eye. What a struggle.

There was only one book about patching at the library and I was very disappointed. It is so nice to know that you are writing these books!
These kids need them and really so do we as parents!

Life is a bunch of lessons to learn. Collin and I will be learning them together. I will be strong for him.

Lots of Love,

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Our dog Beau

Our dog Beau
Preston's eye patch buddy

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Preston and his eye Doctor
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Preston and Beau Eye Patching
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