Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thank you

My Personal Journey as Preston's mother part 4

I would like to start this off today by saying Thank you! To everyone that has been supporting
me through this journey. I t has made it easier for me to continue. I love Reading your kind words, and you believing in me.
It has touched me deeply in my soul!
We will make a difference!
I have posted some of the comments and endorsements from different people. You have taking your time out of your day to share your thoughts and that means so much to me.
Thank you all for following me on my blog. I will continue to write.

I will be so happy and proud when the day comes and the books get published. Than the children and parents will be able to enjoy a wonderful life challenging and love, problem solving and adventurous books.
We will make awareness to Amblyopia and to low vision. Hopefully than parents and or guardians will look at the vision guide lines and take their children in to be screened with the time guide lines.

I wanted to add another comment that came from Tiffany

Hi Carmen! I'm glad to hear Preston had a positive eye exam. It takes baby steps but his eye sight will slowly improve if he keeps up with patching.By the way, Chase had asked if you were going to come back to the classroom and read to them some more about Preston. I told him I would ask if you had a new story to read to them.Keep up with the blogging so I can keep up with your life!Tiff

Tiffany thank you for your note.
I have started on a couple of new stories but of course right now I am working diligently on getting my last steps done so I can send off my manuscripts to a Tradional Publisher.
I also have been working on something else very positive that could really help me bring awareness and also talk about my books. As soon as I get more information I will be sharing it with everyone hopefully soon!
I now need to go help Preston with his homework, he also has basketball practice. Preston is patching right now before he goes to practice.
Thanks again!

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Our dog Beau

Our dog Beau
Preston's eye patch buddy

Preston and his eye Doctor

Preston and his eye Doctor
Eye Exam

Preston and Beau Eye Patching

Preston and Beau Eye Patching
Eye Patch Buddies