Saturday, February 7, 2009

Preston's Spelling Test

My Personal Journey as Preston’s mom
Part 5

Preston had a good week and he was very happy because he did great on his spelling test. He could not wait to tell me about it after school.
The words this week were fairly hard, I think it‘s been the toughest so far this year. He is even happier that it was Friday! That means no school for the weekend, and also Basketball night.
My daughter Calla came over for dinner and she went with us to see her little brother play basketball. He had another great game. We just could not say the same thing for the referee that night. She just did not show up! We didn’t want to say too much but it was to the point that the guy in charge of the Aurora Recreation and parks had to stop the game and talk to the coach’s and the referee.
Preston had some little boy wrapped around him when he had the ball and that happened several of times.
Calla and another boy’s mom and I said come on now, so they had to do something at that point. At this age they have to really learn what the rules of the game and they play man to man, sort of speak, the boy’s all wear color coated wrist bands and that’s how they know who to cover. We were glad when the game was over. The good thing is the boy’s really didn’t know what was going on. They still had fun!

Preston and Yorkk went dirt biking this morning since it was a pretty nice day outside. Preston really had no rode his bike much since he had the last accident so this is good for him. He will start to build up his confidence again. I just worry about it every time he goes out there. But that is one of the things that he and his father really enjoy doing together. So I try not to say too much.
Preston made sure to patch this morning before he went. It is easy to get him to Patch when he has something he really wants to go and do. I guess it is a little bit of bribery, but as I tell him he needs to patch anyway. So it works out in the end. Let’s hope when I write in the morning that everything went just fine for the boys out with their dirt bikes.

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Our dog Beau

Our dog Beau
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Preston and his eye Doctor
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Preston and Beau Eye Patching
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