Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Heidi's Concerns

Heidi’s Concerns

Preston has a program that started yesterday at his school called “Let the Training begin”.
Yesterday Preston ran 2 miles I was really proud of him! He said mom can we do it again tomorrow? I know I will be able to run 3 to 4miles. I said yes we can go again, I told him I would walk the course. I can’t run it because of my knees.
Today Preston and I went and picked up a neighbor boy named Evan he is such a cutie! He is one of Preston’s best buddies even though he is 2 yrs younger they get along great!
Off they went running and I walked it like I had promised Preston! There was a young little girl that was trying really hard to run and she said she was getting tired. I had already walked a mile and said to her would you like me to hold your hand and we can finish it together? She said yes! This little girl also has Amblyopia.
Her mother joined us on our last lap and shared some concerns with me. She said that her daughter was doing better but now after some time the Dr. Felt that she needs to start patching again for about 2 hrs a day. The little girl said no! I don’t want to patch again. The Dr. said will you can also put Atropine drops in her good eye. She knew that Preston had to do that for a year and it did not show any improvement for us! The Dr. Wants Preston to use Atropine drops now for a different reason and I explained it to her about Preston’s eye wandering out now. Heidi she and her husband have a concern .They feel that by using the Atropine drops in their daughter’s good eye there could be some repercussions from the usage of the drops.
I told here that I will send her some information that my doctor gave me since I have the same concerns.
I had to tell her that it was also a huge concern to me and my husband as well. I told her that if her daughter would be willing to patch for 2 hrs a day that’s what I would!
She said you know Carmen I think that is what we will do since she is pretty good about patching!
We will start patching twice a day and see if that will make her eye stronger.
She was so glad to share her concerns with me since she knows that we are both going through the same concerns with our child.

Our dog Beau

Our dog Beau
Preston's eye patch buddy

Preston and his eye Doctor

Preston and his eye Doctor
Eye Exam

Preston and Beau Eye Patching

Preston and Beau Eye Patching
Eye Patch Buddies