Friday, April 24, 2009

Volunteer of The Quarter Award to Carmen Swick

Volunteer of the Quarter award to Carmen Swick

Drew Thank you so very much for your kind words!!! I cant express to you how it made me feel when I read this article! What an honor it is! I will not forget that. It really made me feel like I really know that all my efforts are will deserved and that it will make a difference some day! This will be a success, and I am so grateful to be part of such a wonderful team!!!
You all make a difference without all of you giving me the support and guidance as a team this would not be happening.

With Love

Dear Members & Friends of the Denver FFB Chapter,
Carmen Swick, Richard Faubion & Parka, FFB (Left), Mark McIntosh, Colorado & Company, 9News
For their great support for our VisionWalk, we honored Walmart Vision Centers and all their managers for such outstanding support of FFB and raising over $27,000 collectively for the 2008 Walk. Thank you again!
The first quarter of 2009 has been a successful one as one of our newest members has come through in a big way. For all her efforts so far in the 1st quarter, our most notable of accomplishments has been accomplished in the planning and fundraising efforts toward our chapter event, The 1st Annual Blind Taste of the Rockies. This event would not be possible without the involvement from all of our volunteers. All of our volunteers are doing a splendid job this quarter, most notably, our new Fundraising and Events Chair, Carmen Swick.
It is my pleasure to present our Volunteer of the Quarter award to Carmen Swick. Carmen has been invaluable to the Denver Chapter since she joined us at the end of 2008. Upon joining the Denver Chapter Board, Carmen immediately stepped up to lead the Blind Taste event. Carmen is not only creative and personable, but she is also motivated in ensuring the success of the Denver Chapter and the mission of FFB.
Carmen’s son, Preston, has amblyopia, which is lazy eye, and she is committed to finding treatments, preventions and cures for all blinding eye diseases. Carmen is an author of children’s books focusing on bringing awareness to low vision in children and having these books be a tool for children to make eye patching fun. You can check her plans out at
Carmen’s prior career was mainly involved in sales and marketing for Miller Brewing and a corporate travel agency and she modeled for commercials, print work and runways. Her passion and goal is to make a difference in the world and bring happiness to children everywhere. She has found a home in FFB in their mission and has become the VP, Fundraising for the local chapter.
On behalf of the Denver Chapter, I want to thank Carmen for her involvement and hard work this quarter and she continues today! Let us keep the momentum and make 2009 a banner year to remember for the Denver Chapter.
Drew McLean

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Our dog Beau
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