Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Truck was Found

Truck was found

We received an email and phone call that our truck was located in Sterling Colorado. We were relieved and scared at the same time to find out what kind of condition it was in.
We had found out that the guy had taken the truck to Nebraska and that there was an officer that had a radar gun ready to clock him and noticed that he had a broken tail light, and that’s when the chase began, that lead him all the way to Sterling Co.
He had run the truck through a chain linked fence and hit some jet skis, and a couple of other things that I have not mentioned that he had done to the truck. The officer said that he had driven the truck for 1700 miles.

He got out of the truck when he wrecked it and jumped in to another vehicle and stole that one as well and has not been found since.
Amazing that this guy can break in to someone’s property that quickly!
The good thing is that there was someone in the passenger seat that was not in any condition to get out and run. Not sure what she was on at the time. She gave the name of the thief and now has a picture of him as well. Hopefully here soon they will capture him.

I am hoping to be able to see how much damage was done to the truck soon. They said he also had stolen a dirt bike that was in the back of the truck’s bed.
I was so excited to tell Preston the good news! I went to pick him up from school and told Preston about some of the story, he was very happy to know that his dad will be getting back his truck after the truck has all the work done to it that is needed.
Preston is looking forward to the summer and going camping with the truck.
I am sadden by what all has happened but we will get the truck back and be able to get it fixed. The best of all we are all okay!

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Our dog Beau

Our dog Beau
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