Wednesday, February 25, 2009

If Amblyopia Goes Untreated

If Amblyopia goes Untreated

I feel like I need to add a little bit more valuable information on Ambyopia.

What happens if amblyopia goes untreated?
If not treated early enough, an amblyopic eye may never develop good vision and may even become functionally blind.

How many people have amblyopia?
It is estimated that two to three percent of the general population suffers from this form of visual impairment.

What treatments are available?
Before treating amblyopia, it may be necessary to first treat the underlying cause.
Glasses are commonly prescribed to improve focusing or misalignment of the eyes.

Surgery may be performed on the eye muscles to straighten the eyes if non-surgical means are unsuccessful. Surgery can help in the treatment of amblyopia by allowing the eyes to work together better.

Eye exercises may be recommended either before or after surgery to correct faulty visual habits associated with strabismus and to teach comfortable use of the eyes.

I have to say it has been a long journey with the treatment of Amblyopia with Preston. It has been four years now. But we know the alternative and that is not an option.

I know all you mothers and fathers, grandparents, anyone that is a major player on trying to help treat your Childs eye out there feel the same way.
I know this because if you did not feel the same way you would not be following my blog.
Good for you keep up the great work!!

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Our dog Beau
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