Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shopping at Costco

Shopping at Costco’s

A Couple of weeks ago Preston Yorkk and I went to Costcos to look at lap tops since my desk top had crashed. I had asked Preston to please put on his eye patch before we left the house. He doesn’t like to wear it out in public because sometimes kids make fun of him or will say hurtful things to him. I know it’s because kids and some adults are not use to seeing people walking around with an eye patch on, even though I am starting to see it now more often when I am out and about. I have found myself trying to educate some of those people, of the reason why he wears the patch.
Preston will usually ask me if he can take his eye patch off and after we are done shopping than he will put it back on in the vehicle. I do at times say yes to him.
He didn’t ask this time before going in to Costco’s I was really proud of him and I just acted like I didn’t notice that he had it on.
We were looking at the laptops when I noticed a young boy in a shopping cart that we had met at a friend of mines sons’ birthday party. He is adopted from I believe Cambodia and he has had several surgeries on his lip, he had a severe cliff lip that was surgically fixed to the best they could do, so when he speaks it’s a little difficult to understand him.
At the party the boys all got along great! They all played for hours and Preston did not wear his eye patch at the party so the boy was unaware that Preston wore one. The little boy said to Preston at Costco’s why you look so weird! Are you trying to be a pirate laughing at him? His parents were a little bit embarrassed and Preston just looked at him and didn’t say anything just moved closer to my leg. I explained to him why Preston had to wear it, than his father said to him that wasn’t very nice do you like it when people say to you that you sound funny and they don’t understand you? The child just looked at him and said no I don’t, father said will than don’t do it to him.
I thought that the father was very gracious to say what he did; I think it is a great lesson, and I try and express to Preston the same to be nice to others even though you do not understand their situation.

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Oh Carmen~ Preston is a gift! I love you and your beauty! :) Kathlena Gill

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