Sunday, October 5, 2008

Race for the cure 2008

Race for the Cure 2008

Today was a very special day! Sunday Oct. 5 Race for the cure. I wanted to add something different to my personal journey. I support the
My mom passed away several years ago from breast cancer. I feel that we were cheated from a wonderful mother, and a grandmother that my children and nieces have never had a chance to meet. I miss her very much! She was a very kind and warm hearted person.
My mother even on her last days here on this earth would wake up with a smile and say please don’t be sad because that will make me sad! She was a very strong person she suffered with the horrible disease Cancer. One day she left us to be in a much better place where she would no longer suffer. I was happy that she was no longer suffering and in pain but, in a very selfish way that did not stop me from painfully missing her and wanting her to be here with us!
I started to write down my feelings and would also write some poems after she had passed away; I guess that is how I would deal with my pain. Years later that is how I am dealing with my son’s eye issues and also to make a difference in this world. I guess what I am saying I never thought that I would be writing children’s books. Looking back and remembering how I use to stay up at night and cry and write at the same time was a wonderful way to release my pain. I am doing the same thing now with my son Preston and also helping other children deal with there low vision. I have lost what I wrote about my mom so many years ago, but it is still in my heart.
This year I decided to put a team together in the memory of my mother. My mother’s name was Paquita, so I decided to call our team
“Paquita’s Earth Angles”. I am now a team captain. We had 18 people that joined my team; some have walked before some have never walked for the cure. I was so happy walking with so many people on our team. For my first year of putting a team together not to bad. It was a wonderful feeling! I am so grateful for everyone that was out there today and not just my team members, we were all there for the same purpose to find a cure for breast cancer. Today was a day of people from all walks of life, different political views all that was set aside to raise money to help stop this horrible disease, breast cancer! I wanted to thank my team so much for getting up early and getting pledges, and hopefully next year we will even do better!. If you see our team out there next year please say hi! I guess it is time to rest my tired feet till next time.
Good Night.

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Frame de Art said...

So glad you had such a large team on your first year having one. What a fun, but rewarding day. We had a booth there showing how one can frame their race bibs, posters, memory cards and ribbons. Frame de Art will donate 50% of any race related items framing to Race for the Cure. My whole family enjoyed the race while I attended the booth. Cant wait to see your book.

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Our dog Beau
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