Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Preston’s Grandmother Mimi

I just wanted to acknowledge Preston’s Grandmother Becky. We call her Mimi; she is my husband’s mother.
Mimi has been one of Preston’s strongest supporters and cheerleaders. Mimi sends Preston care packages as an incentive for him to patch everyday. She has been sending him packages for almost four years, right from the start! She truly does love her grandson!
I wanted to say Thank you for loving him so much and wanting him to get better!

When I first told Becky about my idea writing children’s books, and why I wanted to write them. It was because; I really want to help Preston and other children with the challenges and low vision. She was so happy for me and thought that it was a great Idea to write the Patch Land Books.

Becky wanted to let me know that her support was there in whatever it was that I needed to get started, as a children’s book author. I was very excited to hear the enthusiasm in her voice over the phone that it brought little tears I have to say. I could tell that she knew how important this is to me, to get these books out in print and start to bring awareness about Amplyopia and low vision, and also to help the children use the books as a patching tool.

Becky Lives in Indiana and comes to see us in Colorado as much as possible. She bought some mountain property, and we go there in the summer time and camp. Preston loves it there, because there is so much to do. I was able to bring some real life experiences into the book of Patch Land because of Mimi! Once my books are in print you will be able to read the stories and see how much fun Preston has on his adventures.

I could go on and on, I just wanted to make sure that people know she was a big part of putting all this together!
Thanks again Mimi we love ya!


Zane Train said...


I can tell that your blog is very personal and insightful to what it is like for Preston, you and your family. That's great! This will give others of visually challenged children an opportunity to see what it is like and how they can be empowered and rise above these challenges. Life goes on!

Could you send me an outline or summary of your book and what it will cover and maybe even an excerpt from the book to read?

That way I can get a flavor of how you write and your perspective.

Thanks for being a light in the darkness!


carmen swick said...

Thank you so much for your kind words! I know that you also know about challenges and I hope that people will also read your blog, and look into the foundation.

I will try soon to get you a summary of my books. I am working hard, to try and get them published in the near future.

All My Best!


Our dog Beau

Our dog Beau
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Preston and his eye Doctor
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Preston and Beau Eye Patching
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