Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I let a few month’s go by with hearing the same thing from Preston that he could not see and on top of all of it, she wanted him to patch his eye, what a disaster! One day I decided to call my husband and said that I had a bad feeling about Preston’s diagnoses and my husband said that he also agreed with me, he also said that if I felt so strongly about this than let’s take him in to someone else.
I asked for a referral to another eye doctor from one of Preston’s Pediatricians and they gave me the same doctor that my sister in-law had recommended. That is when I made an appointment and Yorkk and I took Preston in to see Dr. Desantis.
What my husband and I were getting ready to hear just broke our hearts. She had informed my husband and me that Preston had been on the wrong prescription for six months. I looked at my husband and just wanted to cry but Preston was in the room at the time. My Husband Yorkk had asked her if it could have done harm to his vision, she responded yes. It is very crucial that he had the right prescription for his eyes at this age. Here we are as parents wanting to protect our children and make things better, Will I felt like I just had failed my little guy.

Remembering the day’s of telling Preston you have to wear your glasses he would cry and say no mom I can’t see it is foggy, Will me not knowing at that time that it was doing him more harm than good to wear his glasses was just a horrible feeling.
Speaking with Dr. Desantis was such a different experience from our first doctor. She was wonderful was abouslutey how it should have been, she answered our questions and concerns and was very patient to educate us with Preston’s low vision issues and what we needed to do to turn this around. The doctor had explained to us that Preston has Amblyopia, accommodating estropia and Animestropia, just writing this down it is so hard and heart breaking.
I am tearing up because I knew that we had a long and tuff journey ahead of us, but I was determined has a mother that this is not about me or my husband and we needed to do what ever it took to help our son get better. So I had to turn those horrible feelings into a positive feeling and let Preston know he would get better!

Here we are the next phase with Preston’s challenge!

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Angie said...

Hey Carmen,
Gosh, I had NO idea you were fighting such a battle! I knew Preston and Paige had the same diagnosis, but I did not realize you were mis-diagnosed and therefore mis-treated for so long. What a disaster! Know that there is HOPE! Paige went from 20/80 to 20/40 in 6 weeks with aggressive treatment and her last appt they decreased her prescrition. She is moving in the right direction! We will keep our fingers crossed for Preston also! Love you! Angie

Our dog Beau

Our dog Beau
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Preston and his eye Doctor

Preston and his eye Doctor
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Preston and Beau Eye Patching
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