Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Rememberin a Very Special Person

Sharing this every year with you, gives me an opportunity to share my heavy heart! I know many of us have lost a special someone! They call it the circle of life!
Although it’s been many years since my mother’s passing, the memoires love, and pain are still there.
My mother never had the opportunity, in the physical world, to see all of her children, grow into adulthood, get married, have children, and what we call the journey of life.

You see, today is the anniversary of her passing. This was written so many years ago, while missing here so.

“Remembering a very special person”.

“A person with lots of love in her, who would say goodnight with a simile and awake with one that would brighten everyone’s day. She would comfort me with love, laugh and cry with me.
Day to day she grew weaker and never showed any pain, she smiled at me and said don’t be sad, it makes me sad. She suffered a lot of her life and then the lord would not let her suffer anymore. She’s in Paradise where she belongs.
Even though I miss her so she’ll suffer no more! That special person is my mother.”

Mom I miss you! Mom Te quero mucho!

Love your daughter,


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Our dog Beau
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